IE8 Developer tools opening automatically when opening new tab

Got an annoying issue today. Whenever I opened a new tab in Internet Explorer (IE8), a new instance of the ‘Developer tools’ would open automatically. Normally, when you close them, they shouldn’t reopen again until you explicitly want to.

The result was after opening 6 or 7 tabs, there would also be 6 or 7 instances of the developer tools.

I tried turning the off and closing IE, even rebooting, but they would keep ‘popping’ up.

Eventually, I managed to get rid of them by doing the following

1. Open the registry editor
2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IEDevTools
3. Set the value of the key ‘Pinned’ to ‘1’ (REG_DWORD)
4. Open IE – this loaded the developer tools to, but they were pinned (embedded) in the browser window
5. close the developer tools while embedded

This FINALLY prevented the developer tools from being loaded with every tab I openened.

meh :/

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