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Copy Source Code as HTML

Another great utility for .NET Developers is Colin Coller’s CopySourceAsHtml Add-In. Quote

CopySourceAsHtml is an add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 that allows you to copy source code, syntax highlighting, and line numbers as HTML. CSAH uses Visual Studio’s syntax highlighting and font and color settings automatically. If Visual Studio can highlight it, CSAH can copy it, and your source should look the same in your browser as it does in your editor.

RightHand DataSet Debugger Visualizer


There is a version available for both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 with no expiration date. Check out the download section at this url:


One of the features of Visual Studio 2005 is the use of ‘Debugger Visualizers‘.

One of the better visualizers for DataSet is ‘RightHand.DebugerVisualizer.Dataset.Visualizer‘.

This great tool does not only visualize your datasets/tables (including images), but allows you to edit them, call AcceptChanges(), see rowstate & rowerror information and so on. Check the screenshot below to get an idea of its capabilities.

The tool is free, but it has an expiration date set. You should check the forums of Righthand’s website to get a version that is not yet expired.

If you can’t find a non-expired version, you could always use a IL editor to modify the expiration date (it’s right there, if you know where to look)